2nd International Symposium on Minimal Invasive Extracorporal Circulation Technologies

Athens 9-11 June 2016, Concert Hall; Kongress unter der Co-Leitung der Universitätsklinik für Herz- und Gefässchirurgie am Inselspital; Direktor Prof. Thierry Carrel


(The Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Circulation Technologies International Society (MiECTiS) was founed during the 1st International Symposium on Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Circulation Technologies which was held in Thessaloniki 13-14 of June 2014. More than 120 of founding international members cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, clinical perfusionists and other scientists dealing with Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Circulation agreed to introduce a multidisciplinary Scientific Community in order to deal with this emerging technology and work towards its penetration in to clinical practice.

The membership to the Society is honorary and has no fees. Any individual who possesses the title of cardiac surgeon, cardiac anesthesiologist as well as clinical perfusionist and shows a proven interest in the field of minimal invasive extracorporeal circulation is eligible to apply for membership. Main body of the Society will be the Steering Committee. The Society will work towards promoting Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Circulation Technologies.

We hope the MiECTiS will find its place in the scientific community. We aim for close cooperation with other Scientific Societies and we invite scientists who would like to join the Society to apply to the Secretary of MiECTiS on-line.