Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Thierry Carrel


It is my pleasure to welcome you for a brief overview of our team, our research activities and the way we work together. We hope that the following pages will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we aim to achieve. Above all, we aim to communicate our philosophy and our values and explain why we believe our research makes sense.

Research also provides an opportunity for our collaborators to improve their academic performance. Being academically competitive may not be an obvious concern for clinicians, especially cardiac and vascular surgeons who already dedicate substantial time to their clinical training. However, thanks to the Research and Development, our surgeons are able to participate in various clinical or laboratory projects thereby positioning themselves as well as our Clinic, our Hospital and our University, at a respected international level.

Similarly, a research unit like ours is also a critical and ideal platform for young scientists, and especially doctors, to grapple with the basic questions of how and why they could or should take an active interest in building on our bio-medical future. Indeed, research must ultimately remain oriented toward the improvement of patients’ survival and quality of life. Ethics, integrity and transparency are therefore essential values of our group as we consider them to be the basis for meaningful scientific activity.

Prof. Dr. med. Hendrik Tevaearai, MBA
Leitender Arzt, Head Research and Developement
Departement of Cardiovasular Surgery, Bern University Hospital